Vine: New Media Adoption

For my new media adoption assignment, I decided to adopt the social networking application for iPhone called Vine. I had heard about Vine through friends on other social networking sites and I had been intrigued. I had never adopted this media technology because I was not sure if I had a lot of friends who actually used it.

When signing up it offers a connection through your email or twitter account. Once I was signed up, a handy little tutorial guided me through how to create ‘vines’. However this tutorial left out a big piece of the puzzle: it didn’t tell me the videos had audio! Admittedly, I did not realize my videos had audio capacity for my first few posts.  Vine is a simple to use application. Much like Instagram, a good portion of the popularity aspect is associated with the use of hash tags.  My only gripe with the social networking application is that not enough of my social network uses it! Apart from my brother and a few high school friends, no one I associate with on a social networking basis uses the application.

My trial for this application comes at an interesting point in technological history because this same week social networking giant Instagram released its latest update featuring video. Instagram’s video features include everything that Vine features and it additionally includes filters for the videos as well. While I have enjoyed using the social networking application Vine for the past week, I do not believe that I will continue to use it in the future. I have a far larger social network through Instagram already. All of my friends and family who follow me on Vine already follow me on Instagram. The video features and social benefits that Instagram offers outweigh those of Vine.

I’d hate to say it, but I think that Instagram signed Vine’s death papers this week.


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